How to get back your deposit when renting a house in Edinburgh

“In terms of housing issues for international student accommodation Edinburgh, the most common dispute is that the landlord or intermediary (hereinafter referred to as the landlord) refuses to return the deposit due to various reasons. Under the law in England and Wales (excluding Scotland and Northern Ireland), all rental deposits have been required since 2007, currently including 3 agencies.

The specific details are that the landlord must put the deposit inside within 30 days of receiving the deposit, and inform the tenant of the corresponding serial number and a copy of the deposit certificate. After the lease period ends and the house is handed over, the tenant and the landlord fill in relevant information on the website of the agency that stores the deposit. For example, the landlord can propose to deduct the cleaning fee from the deposit.

How to get back your deposit when renting a house in Edinburgh

Once both parties reach an agreement for student accommodation in Edinburgh, the negotiated amount will be refunded to the tenant. If the two parties have disagreements, the tenant and the landlord can submit evidence separately, and then the deposit deposit agency will hand over the materials submitted by both parties to a third party for arbitration. If the arbitration result is not satisfactory, you can go to court to sue. However, in many cases, due to various reasons, the landlord refused to return the high deposit after the tenant checked out. It is worth noting that if the landlord does not join, once he finds a lawyer to sue, he can get 3 times the amount of the deposit in compensation. Therefore, if you encounter a bad landlord, you can rest assured that you can definitely get the deposit you deserve through legal means.”

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